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Philippines Daily | January 23, 2018

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Netizen Post: DIY Braces Shocking Result

Netizen Post: DIY Braces Shocking Result
Brian Esporlas posted the picture to warn people . about having DIY braces. Esporlas' Facebook account.

| On 21, Nov 2014

A netizen posted a warning about the infamous do-it-your-self (DIY) braces.

Brian Esporlas, a dentist, exposed a picture of a man showing a broken teeth, claiming that it is a result of DIY braces. He noted that braces are not done by non-professionals as even dentists must do series of processes like X-ray, bite, pictures etc. before putting the teeth-aligning materials.

He added that if you attempted to do braces yourself same fate (of the picture) will happen to you.

Brian esporlas

The picture has since gone viral with many people lauding Mr. Esporlas. Several blogs have also made write ups about the good intention of the dentist.

However, based on a research, the picture was taken way back last year. Reddit user Davidnicolas submitted the picture (edited) below:

He said that he saw it in Instagram with a caption “ball is life” noting that the misaligned teeth were caused by playing basketball.

 A tineye research also showed a screen shot of the post of the the man noting that he got his “front teeth knocked out this mornin Hoopin.” But, upon checking the Instagram username based on the screen shot, there are no related posts.

So, it’s hard to tell whether the picture was caused by basketball of DIY braces.

Anyway, Mr. Esporlas is correct, braces will never come DIY, because dentists must check your teeth, their roots, alignment and many more factor. How do I know? I just had a checkup with a licensed dentist for a brace.


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