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Philippines Daily | January 23, 2018

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NBI Busts Cartimar Stores Selling Prohibited Species

NBI Busts Cartimar Stores Selling Prohibited Species

| On 20, Apr 2017

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) caught some sellers of Cartimar in Pasay City selling species prohibited by the law.

The Environmental Crime Division of the agency launched a raid in Cartimar, popularly known as pet shop area, on April 19 after an intelligence report noting that there are still some stores selling protected species.

It was then revealed that different corals and animals that are supposedly in the wild are being sold in the area.

Annie Imenzo, who claimed that she has been into selling corals for two years now, said no one used to prohibit them in selling such species. However, she said yes when asked if she knew that it’s prohibited.

There are also some stores that are caught selling endangered species such as giant clams, sharks, and sea horses.

Seller Jbee Pianar said those dead sea horses are being used to cure asthma. He said he knew that taking those wild animals from the wild will have a huge effect on the environment that might result in a poor supply of fish. However, it’s their business so they can’t stop.

“Hindi ibig sabihin na hindi na huhuli, hindi ipinagbabawal. Kaya’t ito po ay isang mensahe na rin sa lahat ng nagbebenta, at nagpaplanong magbenta at mag-culture ng mga ito,” said Atty. Eric Niqui, the chief of NBI’s Environmental Crime Division.

The confiscated species will be turned over to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and will be brought in the Batangas facilities. The sellers will be facing charges for violation of fisheries codes.


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