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Philippines Daily | February 24, 2018

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Mourning Father Accuses PGH Of Medical Malpractice

Mourning Father Accuses PGH Of Medical Malpractice

| On 17, Jul 2017

A mourning father took on his social media account to rant and cry for justice for his daughter against a well-known public hospital.

Ferdie Marcos noted that medical people of Philippine General Hospital (PGH) made their daughter an animal that they ignored and experimented on. He said they brought their daughter because of hirschsprung disease, which is a condition that affects the large intestine causing the abnormal passage of stool.

The family doesn’t want the child be admitted but they were later convinced to undergo the operation on July 6, wherein the intestine will be pulled to remove the affected area.

After the operation, the child started to have fever. On July 10, it was found out that the operation was botched because air was left inside the tummy. On July 11, without being informed, the doctors continued with the operation and even the kid still has fever and already dehydrated.

Marcos also noted that the nurses were 2-3 hours late in giving medicines and when you follow up, they will get mad.

On July 12, after frequent note on the doctors, they held a CT scan on the baby, but it was too late. At 12 P.M., they were able to revive her but she was not brought to the ICU.

The cause of the death is aspiration, a thing that Marcos was questioning.

“Justice for Cloie Amira P. Marcos”

Dr. Neil illescas of PGH surgery kung ndi mo pinaulit ulit kaming tawagan at itext…

Posted by Ferdie Marcos onĀ Saturday, July 15, 2017


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