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Philippines Daily | February 24, 2018

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Most Cruel Festival: China’s Dog Eating Celebration

Most Cruel Festival: China’s Dog Eating Celebration

| On 19, Jun 2014

China is now again under fire after locals begun taking and killing dogs for the Summer Solstice in a bid to avoid protests by animal rights group.

Some residents of the Southern Chinese City of Yulin started to gather dogs from around the country, slaughtering them, eating them along with lychees and liquor to celebrate their longest day of the year.

Dog Trade China

Yulin has been with the tradition of eating dog meat along with lychees and alcoholic beverages, on the solstice, because they believe that this can make them stay healthy during winter.

Animal activists has been around hitting China for this kind of practice. Offline and online petition are up urging people to sign to let China know the dangers of this kind of cruelty. That’s why, according to animal groups Yulin celebrated the feast early as what expected.

China Dog Meat Festival

What’s worst is that the dogs gathered are just those around the street with some are being stolen from their owners with one proof showing some are still having collars on their necks.

The Yulin government has sought to distance itself from the feasting, saying it is not officially endorsed. State media reports say the government asked restaurant owners to remove referrences to dog meat for their menus and signboards, but it never banned the exchange of dog meat.

China has been known to eat the most bizarre foods to the world. Due to the fact that the government has little to no jurisdiction with this kind of practice, this still continues.


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