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Philippines Daily | January 23, 2018

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Mom's Postpartum Body Goes Viral

Mom’s Postpartum Body Goes Viral

| On 22, Jul 2015

A mother’s body after giving birth is now going viral.

Julie Bhosale, a nutritionist from New Zealand shared several pictures of her body after a few months of giving birth to her second child. She bravely did this in order to tell everyone, specifically the women that there’s no shame with such body despite it doesn’t fit the expectation of the world.

“You too live in a world which judges you on how you look. Not how you feel. Not who you really are and what you have sacrificed…and continue to sacrifice,” said Bhosale.



Bhosale also told stories about her struggles after giving birth, which is a total opposite of what she do before getting pregnant.

“I fought to conceive him. Put my body through assisted reproductive therapy. I was broken just (ha just!) carrying him to full term. Broken in ways I did not know my body could break,” said Bhosale.

“I could barely walk. I was induced early just to get my son out as every day he was in me was another day I had to fight to keeping carrying him. Before I had children I would run marathons for fun…yes for fun – just wake up, find an event and run…I could barely walk to the letter box and I could not pick up my 2 year old,” she added.

She also revealed that breastfeeding is also hard for her and because of that her self esteem was also taken from her.

Bhosale said having such body that is a total opposite of what the expect will put you in the pedestal where people will judge you. However, she said, focusing on yourself and your purpose will always make you feel better and look better.


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