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Philippines Daily | February 23, 2018

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Modus: Casino Opportunities Scam

Modus: Casino Opportunities Scam

| On 26, Oct 2017

Two men were victimized by a man who promised them of casino companion opportunities.

Alias Jose, who has a house for rent business, was befriended by alias Alrich, his tenant, who claimed he is a mall manager.

Later, Alrich introduced an earning opportunity to Jose and alias Ricky. They will become casino companion for a certain Madam Koh, where they will receive an allowance of P30,000 each aside from the casino cheques worth P100,000.

When they agreed, Alrich treated them for a body scrub noting that Madam is a bit choosy and doesn’t want sweaty companions.

In the spa, Alrich waited for them. When he saw them entering the bathroom, he followed and even knocked on the shower cubicle of Ricky. That’s the time that the modus was revealed.

It turned out that Alrich was just making sure that the two were taking shower. He immediately took their cell phones and wallets and blazed away.

A similar incident happened a day before Jose and Ricky were victimized. The police are now investigating if the two incidents are connected.


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