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Philippines Daily | February 18, 2018

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Mo Twister and Jinggoy's Kids in Twitter War

Mo Twister and Jinggoy’s Kids in Twitter War

| On 05, Jul 2014

In the midst of the “Pork Barrel Scam,” senator Jinggoy Estrada’s children and controversial DJ Mo Twister had clash in Twitter.

Mo Twister, whose real name is Mohan Gumatay, twitted asking if Jolo Revilla has a Twitter account because he wanted to “cyberbully him.”

Jolo Revilla came into controversy after netizens were able to grab some of his photos bragging about his hefty lifestyle. Then there goes the new comer Julian Emilio Estrada, the brother of Jolo came in asking the DJ to be professional.

Gumatay didn’t put this reply into waste and asked Julian if they work together. Then, the clash begun.

Gumatay then realized that Julian was the other guy with Jolo in the private jet in one of the now-deactivated-Instagram Account of Jolo.

The enters Janella Ejercito, a councilor of San Juan.

She said Gumatay is old enough to start a fight and ridiculed him for his attention-grabbing tweets. She did using her Instagram account showing some screen shots of Gumatay and Julian’s exchanges of tweets.

“Ginoong Mo Twister (@djmotwister). Unang una sa lahat, matanda ka na para mag-hanap ng kaaway lalo na at gamit mo pa ang social media. Malamang na sa pag gamit mo nito ay maraming magagalit lalo na at kilala ka, maaaring panigan ka at paboran ka, tama o mali man ang mga kinakalat mong impormasyon. Pangalawa, kailangan mo ba mailagay under the limelight dahil laos ka na? Nakakaawa. Don’t add salt to the wound. We sincerely pitied you when there was a “leaked” video of you crying about Rhian Ramos having an abortion and you didn’t hear anything from us. But I guess people like you do not deserve any amount of kindness because you think that being controversial in terms of being rude to other people makes you marketable. Now, we pity you even more. Pangatlo, do not ever call my brothers or anyone “bobo” sapagkat walang bobo sa mundo. Kung mayroon man, siguro ikaw na po yun dahil ginagamit mo ang laos mong kasikatan sa pamamagitan ng paninira sa ibang tao without even knowing the truth about anything at tuluyang naniniwala sa haka haka. That is all I have to say about your judgmental ways and I do hope that God blesses you and your evil ways.”

Mo Twister then replied that the focus should be to his father and “the money he stole.”

Gumatay refers to the republic act noting that “conduct” should also be observed by her and his brother. “Are you educating me?” Jel answered. “I didn’t know you’re a teacher. Haha! Good luck with your life, big mouth! God bless you.” Gumatay also brought up the pardon for Jinggoy and Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito-Estrada.


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