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Philippines Daily | February 18, 2018

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Mo Twister And Baron Geisler Exchange Nasty Remarks

Mo Twister And Baron Geisler Exchange Nasty Remarks

| On 09, Jul 2016

The controversy never ceases for Baron Geisler.

After his URCC match with Independent film actor Kiko Matos, Geisler just hit host Mo Twister with harsh words.

“Dear Mo fo twister. You are not a man of your word. You’re simply gay. I was about to sleep na kasi pagod ako. One week straight trabaho then i had to prepare for your stupid and useless pod cast kung saan nyo binabastos at vinaviolate ang mga babae sa idustria,” said Geisler.

“Good Times with Mo: The Podcast” is a morning television show where guests, who are mostly celebrities, were asked different questions including intimate questions.

Mo Twister replied by posting a copy of Baron’s post via his Instagram. He said these things started when he was invited to guest in the show to which agreed. However, he demanded P20,000 payment as talent fee, which is quite different from the two beers they paid the last time he guested.

Dear Baron. I’m sorry you’re tired from working ONE WEEK straight. The ungodliness that this industry has put you through makes my butt ache for you. ONE WEEK. Not a single one of us could ever relate to what it is like to work for one week. Or maybe millions of us do. We invited you to appear on the show a day before this “hell week” that you are talking about. You agreed and now you make it appear that we are forcing you (via urine sprays to the face) to get your drunk ass out of bed to come by the show where we “abuse and degrade” women? Well if that’s the case, you’ll fit right in sir! Hahaha The real story why you didn’t show up tonight on my show was because you demanded we pay you twenty more thousand. So save us the preachy bullshit. Last time, you guested on this very show and all I paid you was two beers. You are a supremely talented individual Baron, hence people still like employing you for a week’s worth of work. You are also in need of some help — that being an understatement. Lessen the intake bud. We have been friends for a long time. I’m gonna assume you’re just drunk as fuck right now and when you wake up in morning you won’t remember posting this. Or you’re completely sober and stupid and you really want to get into a dumb social media war wherein I can shove all this right up your ass (wink), or we can book a fight night at a disco with a pool and have a bunch of socialites laugh at us as we attempt to be MMA posers. All because you’re tired from ONE WEEK of work. Wow. Ano? Tara na? 👬 I once heard this simple gay man say, “if you aren’t so goddamn drunk so often, one week straight of work isn’t that difficult, pussy.”

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Netizens wanted another URCC match.


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