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Philippines Daily | January 22, 2018

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Miriam Asks Duterte To Come Clean

Miriam Asks Duterte To Come Clean

| On 03, May 2016

Senator and presidential aspirant Miriam Defensor-Santiago asked his fellow candidate Rodrigo Duterte to clearly answer the allegations against him.

Santiago and Duterte were very vocal about their friendship and admire each other. She said she was shocked the corruption allegation against him came out knowing that the Davao mayor lives in a simple life.

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“I’m very surprised because I know him personally and we’ve always been good friends. He lives in humble homes. He does not live ostentatiously. He does not consume profligacy. So I thought he was a prim and proper public official. If he is hard talking, nevermind, we can suffer that. It’s shocking,” said Santiago.

Santiago also did not question the claims of Trillanes saying that he got his information from the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC). She however noted that the Davao Mayor should be have a concrete clearance on the issue.

“He was at the head of the pack, then all of a sudden, he falls because his answers on the bank deposits are very vague. They do not make any sense. You have to have details to be credible, especially if you’re defending yourself,” said Santiago.

“For his benefit, it would be better if he discloses (the information) if you’re not hiding (anything). If he does not own them, then he should prove this. This would even do him good,” Santiago added.


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