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Philippines Daily | February 25, 2018

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Matt Nieto Bleeds After ‘Accidental’ Hit Of Ben Mbala

Matt Nieto Bleeds After ‘Accidental’ Hit Of Ben Mbala

| On 26, Nov 2017

During the gruesome Game 1 of the UAAP basketball championship between ADMU and DLSU one player from the blue shirts bled.

During the second quarter, Ben Mbala was trying to pass through the difficult defense of the ADMU when he accidentally hit the forehead of Matt Nieto. The latter was sent to the floor face first.

When Nieto turned around, blood was seen, it turned out he sustained a cut just above his left eyebrow.

To make things worst, Nieto was called with a foul. He was subbed and brought to the Ateneo dugout while being treated.

Nieto returned to the game and contributed 11 points.

Mbala says it’s accidental

Mbala cleared that what happened is only accidental. He said he never had an intention to hurt Nieto.

“It’s part of basketball. I had the ball. I spun, he was late on the rotation or the double, that’s why he got hit. I didn’t intend to hit him or hurt him,” said Mbala.

Jet Nieto, the father of Matt, reacted violently on the matter, a thing Mbala can’t understand.

“I don’t know why his dad is cursing at me and threatening me. That is not something you should be doing,” said Mbala. “He’s been in the world of sport for quite some time, and we all know that things like that happen all the time. He should just know I did not intend to hurt his son.”

Though he was threatened, Mbala still noted that things happened because of emotions. He said he won’t mind it and will focus on winning.


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