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Philippines Daily | February 24, 2018

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Marlene Aguilar Calls Freddie Aguilar’s Wife “Prostitute” and Not a Minor Anymore

Marlene Aguilar Calls Freddie Aguilar’s Wife “Prostitute” and Not a Minor Anymore

| On 05, Jun 2014

Book author Marlene Aguilar dropped a bomb against the wife of her brother Freddie Aguilar.

Jovie, the wife of Aguilar was accused by Marlene of creating fake accounts to threaten and bash them. She fearlessly posted some screen shots showing the threats made by different people.

Not a Minor

Marlene said Jovie was not 17-years-old as what the world knows. She is actually turning 24 this November, a claim that is supported by a screen shot of a conversation between an unknown user and Joylyn Albao, the sister of Jovie.


In another post by Marlene, Jovie scoffed at people bashing her for a sexy photo earlier posted. She added that the Muslim rituals she and Ka Freddie have gone through is only a way to get married. Marlene also urged the Muslim’s Sharia Court to act on her claims and photo.


Not a Virgin and a Prostitute with STD

Marlene also claimed that Jovie was no longer a virgin even before she met Freddie. She thinks, she is a “promicuous” woman and a former lover of an unnamed mayor. She also revealed that she is sending money to a ex-boyfriend who use to blackmail her in exchange of keeping her secrets.

She also accused Jovie of being a prostitue and currently under treatment for Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) after suffering from genital warts. Marlene claimed that the information was from Jovie’s gynecologist.

Marlene later declared that even if Jovie is already the wife of her brother, she will never welcome her to her family. She added that her brother has no more taste for girls, probably because of his old age.


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