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Philippines Daily | February 20, 2018

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This Man Brings A Girl In The CR, Gets Arrested

This Man Brings A Girl In The CR, Gets Arrested

| On 18, Nov 2017

“Selfie in the CR,” this is the alibi of the 53-year-old man who arrested for bringing a girl in the comfort room of a restaurant.

The CCTV footage along Hidalgo St., Sta. Cruz, Manila showed a man walking and a girl following him. They entered an establishment and went straight to the comfort room.

A few more hours, the two returned and re-entered the comfort room. However, Dang Omar, the supervisor of the restaurant was already watching them. She was prompted to call her husband, who immediately called the police.

The suspect is 52-year-old Romeo Buktoy. The kid, on the other hand, was returned to her family who was already finding her. Confiscated from him is his cellphone that contains nude photos, including the kid’s.

Buktoy admitted that he took sensitive photos but denied he raped her. He said she was lost and he helped her. They went to the CR because she had to answer the call of nature. He only had a selfie in the CR.

However, the investigation tells otherwise. Sr. Insp. Ann Simbajon, an officer of the WCPD of MPD Station 3, said Buktoy allured the child of eating in a fast food chain. The child also confessed that he inserted his hand inside her private.

Buktoy is facing rape charges.


SELFIE DAW SA CR | Inaresto ang isang lalaki na nakuhanang kasama sa loob ng banyo ang isang batang babae. Nakita sa cellphone ng suspek ang malalaswang litrato ng bata.

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