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Philippines Daily | January 22, 2018

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Makati Building 2 is Just Ordinary

Makati Building 2 is Just Ordinary

| On 02, Sep 2014

The controversial Makati Building 2 that puts Vice President jejomar Binay in hot seat was estimated not worthy of the stated price.

The group formed by the Senate’s Blue Ribbon Committee, which is chaired by Senator Aquilino Pimetel Jr., and along with Senator Antonio Trillanes made an ocular inspection to the Makati Building 2, that was dubbed as overpriced as the cost of building it amounted to P2 billion.

The senators were accompanied by Greg Jackson, an Australian independent quantity surveyor; appraiser, Federico Cuervo; and architect Danilo Alano. All of them disagreed with the stated price.

Jackson said the building is ordinary, standard and not world class.

“It’s a modern building of average standard. But, I wouldn’t consider it as world class standard,” said Jackson.

Cuervo and Alano both agreed that the materials used were not sub-standard, but ordinary. It was noted that linoleum was used, instead of tiles in the office spaces from 7th to 10th floor while Hardiflex or dry walls attached to metal frames, which are lighter and cheaper than concrete were used as partitions to the office spaces.

Trillanes, on his part, also believe that the building is not worthy of the P2 billion price.

“Sa akin we have all the references. So, akko kompyansa na ako definitive na it is,” Trillanes said. “Sabi ng mga expert, ito a little over P700 million lang ito dapat.”

The inspection was faced with a rally of Makati locals who expressed support to the Binays.

Eleno Mendoza, a Makati official said the Commission on Audit (CoA) is the only agency that can interpret whether a property owned by the government is overpriced or not saying that the project have gone through “technical and contract review and they find it reasonable.”

The building is a subject to the plunder complaint against the vice president, Makati Mayor Jun Jun Binay and several others.


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