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Philippines Daily | February 24, 2018

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Long Lost Ring Found Around A Carrot

Long Lost Ring Found Around A Carrot

| On 21, Aug 2017

A Canadian woman found her engagement ring she lost 13 years ago.

Mary Grams, 84, lost her ring that her deceased husband gave her when he asked her hand for marriage while gardening. She didn’t tell him but informed her son about it.

She was surprised when her son and his wife Colleen called her because they found it around an unusual carrot. When took a look, it was indeed her engagement ring.

She cleaned it and wore it while the whole family was watching.

“I feel relieved and happy inside. It grew into the carrot. I still can’t figure it out,” said Grams.

Colleen said she was harvesting carrots for supper when she found a deformed carrot. She thought of just giving it to her dog but opted to dump it in her basket. When she was already cleaning she found the ring and informed her husband. He called her mother.

“I said we found your ring in the garden. She couldn’t believe it. It was so weird that the carrot grew perfectly through that ring,” Colleen said.

Grams said she was happy because the ring still fits.

“We were giggling and laughing. It fits. After many years it fits,” Grams said.


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