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Philippines Daily | January 19, 2018

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'Lolo Kendi' Of Baguio City Confined At A Hospital, Needs Help

‘Lolo Kendi’ Of Baguio City Confined At A Hospital, Needs Help

| On 29, Dec 2017

‘Lolo Kendi,’ the 79-year-old man from Baguio City, who used to sell sweets for a living is now in need of help after he was rushed to the hospital.

On DecemberĀ 19, Zoe Nicole and her company stumble with Lolo Kendi, who they later talked. He has four children but all of them are jobless that forced him to find a way to earn a living for himself. The two variant of candies is his life-savers. They also noticed that he used to thrift his food so he can have food for a longer period.

Zoe and her group left Lolo Kendi with promises of coming back.

When they returned, they were carrying groceries for Lolo Kendi. It gave him a priceless smile. The group decided to go with him back to his home because he can’t carry them.

When they reached their home, the more heart-breaking story was uncovered… Lolo Kendi is living in a home made of pieces of materials that was situated in a place full of garbage.


Siya nga pala si “LOLO CANDY” ( hindi na po nalaman yung pangalan dahil masyado nang nagalak.)…

Posted by Zoe Nicole onĀ Monday, December 18, 2017

Zoe and her friends returned days after. They were shocked that Lolo Kendi is already weak and experiencing an excruciating pain. Worse, the groceries they bought were taken.

The youngstersĀ bought a food with soup. However, Lolo Kendi can’t swallow. Zoe then contacted a certain Marian, a writer from ABS-CBN Baguio.

Now, Zoe said Lolo Kendi is already in the hospital because of his sickness. He is now under the care of DSWD.

update as of today kay Lolo Lazaro a.k.a LOLO KENDI
binalikan namin kahapon si lolo as promised para magbigay ulit ng…

Posted by Zoe Nicole onĀ Friday, December 22, 2017


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