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Philippines Daily | January 20, 2018

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Kris Aquino Dares Family Meddler To Enclose Contact Details

Kris Aquino Dares Family Meddler To Enclose Contact Details

| On 17, Jun 2015

They said: “Hit me, it’s ok, hit my family, I’ll put your life in hell.”

Just what like happened to the multi media star Kris Aquino, who dared a critic meddling in her family to enclose contact details.

Aquino stood up and answered the critic on Instagram who question her former husband, James Yap, and his lack of involvement with their son, Bimby Yap and his crafts.

Bimby was named as the Most Popular Child Perfromer in the 46th Guillermo Mendoza Box-Office Awards. The child star received his award without his parents.

Via her Instagram, Aquino explained that she suffered from allergic dermatitis and was advised by her doctors to have a bed rest, because of the hefty medication that made her dizzy.

I think God in His infinite wisdom knew how overworked I’ll be in the next few months, so I have no choice but to just sleep so as not to scratch & make my allergic dermatitis worse… My sons are having lunch w/ my siblings. I showered using Cetaphil (yesterday I used Aveeno, avoiding anything scented & using only hypo allergenic products for now) and applied the Corticosteroid cream prescribed by Dr. @ayenuguid. I also took my antihistamine (Xyzal). Medyo nag OA na ko, had all our beddings changed & sprayed citronella everywhere just to be sure.👼 The 2 boys are coughing probably because of the heat back home after 1 week of pleasant Japan weather. But they’re taking their medicine & I am fortunate because Bimb has an award tonight & he’ll be able to accept the #Guillermo recognition being given to Direk @chitorono, @mr.rodelnacianceno (Coco Martin) & me for #FengShui being the highest grossing Pinoy Horror Movie of all time. #MaramingSalamatPo 🇵🇭 I’m obeying my doctor & resting & sleeping because it’s really hard to function & make sense on TV when groggy/hilo sa antok because of antihistamines. #BakaKungAnoPangMasabiKo 😇 Going back to sleep now. A healthy Sunday to all. 👓😷😴💤💤💤💤

A photo posted by Kris Aquino (@withlovekrisaquino) on

Aquino also posted a picture showing Bimby accepting his trophy, because she was just too proud. However, one commenter questioned that she should have asked James to come.

“Bakit hindi si James Yap ang pinasama mo? I’m sure mabilis pa sa alas kuatro! … Kung ganyan (Yap being proud of Bimby), tatay niya dapat ngayon ang kasama niya, hindi ang honorary stepfather niya!” the commenter said.

Aquino replied and she said: “You don’t know us personally, you don’t know how much I needed to make pakiusap kay Bimb na mag merienda sila. And since MAKULIT ka & gusto mo nang GULO, may nasabi si James na nasaktan ang feelings ni Bunso…

“I got home from taping & he was still crying from their phone conversation. Last PATOL ko na sa yo… March pa nangyari yun. Stop making it about my lack of effort, the fact I initiated for Bimb to see his dad even though my son still has hurt feelings means I have the ability to process emotions maturely.

“And if you will continue to make pakialam sa buhay pamilya namin, please enclose address & contact details, kasi siguro sa super sawsaw mo, mag contribute ka na rin sa allowance & milk money ng Anak namin para naman you put your money where your mouth is”

Nilabanan ko ang antok waiting to see Bimb even just through the pictures taken by @jacksalvador & @darlasauler. Belated happy birthday to our love @therealryzza. We’ll see you soon for a movie or beach date. 😍 To @starcinema, Direk @wennderamas, all his costars, @akosimangtomas, @iamrichardyap, and his love tita @cathygonzaga, and most of all his honorary stepfather, my asawa @praybeytbenjamin THANK YOU for guiding & loving Bimb! Thank You @malousantos03, Ninong Boy Abunda, and Ninong Deo Endrinal. And I’m sure #JamesYap shares my pride in how loving & lovable, kind hearted, well mannered, and smart our Bimb has become! Kuya took NyQuil because bad na his cough & body aches… We love you so much Bimb! Come home na please, sleep na tayo. Kuya & I are lonely when we can’t squish you between us. #ProudMamaMoment ❤️❤️❤️

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