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Philippines Daily | January 22, 2018

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Kiefer not to Give an Inch to Javelona

Kiefer not to Give an Inch to Javelona

| On 25, Sep 2014

Ateneo De Manila University’s (ADMU) star cager Kiefer Ravena said he has no intentions of hurting National University’s (NU) Pao Javelona.

The camera caught Ravena hitting Javelona on the stomach. He received some boos when the replay showed.

The NU gave the Ateneo some chills after they defeating them 78-74 on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 forcing a do-or-die game for the spot in the finals. It was obviously shown in the game that the Blue Eagles’ main man was bothered by great defense of the Bulldogs.

“Well, it’s a physical game, and I didn’t start anything,” Ravena said about the his actions. “I wouldn’t have done that if nothing was done to me.”

He added that he wouldn’t want “to happen like what happened in the (San Juan) Arena a couple fo days ago,” referring to the Mapua-EAC game that turns into free-for-all street fight, which lead to the decision of NCAA officials banning 17 players from both teams and three referees.

He then apologized if he hurt Javelona, but reiterated that he wouldn’t put a hard arm on him specially now people are saying that he is the man who successfully stopped him.

“If I hurt Javelona, I’m sorry, but you know, I wouldn’t give an inch to him specially a some people are already portraying him as the ‘Kiefer Stopper’ as I always have bad games against NU.”

NU head coach, Eric Altamarino came into defense of the opposing team’s star player. Knowing Ravena, he said it’s more of “spur of the moment” and such things happened specifying that the game was quite intense.

“In fairness to Kiefer, it’s not dirty play. Maybe that situation happened in the spur of the moment, and it’s part of the game,” said Altamarino. ”

Kiefer however reluctant in giving credits to Javelona. He tagged his poor performance with the tight defense of the whole NU team admitting that the group really bothered him.


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