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Philippines Daily | February 18, 2018

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Jollibee's Valentines Commercials Feature Heartbreak And Successful Love Story

Jollibee’s Valentines Commercials Feature Heartbreak And Successful Love Story

| On 10, Feb 2017

Philippines’ largest fast food chain, Jollibee, released two Valentines commercials that will either make or break your heart.

The first infomercial features a guy watching a bride walk through the aisle. Then, the flashback…

The guy and the girl who met each other in Jollibee. They got along. He used to help her in many ways like fetching her after work, carrying her things and a lot more. He noted that he will never change and he love her a lot.

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However, the woman passed by him and it turned out that he was only a part of the entourage and she’s getting married to another man.

The second video showed a young nerdy male student bumping a female school mate. He fell in love-at-first-sight. When he found out that she loves Jollibee burger, he just got an idea.

He first sneaked a burger in her locker leaving a note: “Good Morning.” He also asked a male friend to distract her so he can drop another burger with a note: “Smile naman diyan.” Later, when she’s practicing for a cheering squad and ready to give her “Cheering for you din,” a guy appeared and they are sweet.

Then, it was seen that the girl and her boyfriend were having problems. He decided to give her a burger with a note but she saw him. However, the boyfriend reappeared and wooed her. The two left.

Then, during the alumni homecoming, the woman was seen alone in a table. The nerdy guy appeared carrying a burger with note “Sorry, late ako.” He then embraced her saying their grandchildren were naughty that’s why he was late.


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