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Philippines Daily | February 25, 2018

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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids About Gay Marriage

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids About Gay Marriage

| On 01, Jul 2015

After the US Supreme Court decided to same-sex marriage making it a right, the world was changed.

The celebration was world wide and even the powerful social media celebrated along. People started to change their profile pictures in support of the ruling and in general, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

However, not all are happy. People debated with some tagging their religious beliefs. Then, rebuttal after rebuttal after rebuttal.

As a breath of fresh air, Jimmy Kimmel thought of a fantastic idea: asking the children what they think about the worldwide issue.

Most of the kids knew that gay marriage feature two person of the same gender seeking to become as one. However, many delivered their definitions hilariously.

When asked if he wanted to get married, one boy said he doesn’t want to because he doesn’t other people having rights to his own money. He also defined gay differently to lesbianism.┬áHe however innocently said that marriage is something that people can get if they wanted to.

One smart girl also noted that gay marriage is not that hard to understand. She replied “yes” when asked if she wanted to get married and said in her 30s.


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