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Philippines Daily | December 12, 2017

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Jessy Mendiola Reunites with Father After 14 Years

Jessy Mediola Reunites with Father After 14 Years

| On 01, Jul 2014

“Maria Mercedes” star Jessy Mendiola took on Instagram on Sunday to express how she feel after being reunited with her father after 14 years.

“After 14 years… I couldn’t help but cry when I saw him again. No words can explain how much I missed my Papa. When he saw me he just hugged me so tight, I couldn’t breathe. First words that came out of his mouth was “My Princess” and that was it, I lost it. I forgot where I was and cried like a child, thanking God he gave me another chance to see him again. June 29, 2014. One perfect Sunday,” Mediola said.

Mendiola, 21, reunited her father Roger Tawile, who is half-Lebanese and half-British. Mr. Tawile, a marine anthropologist, made some efforts to be visit Philippines and will stay here for two weeks.

Mendiola was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and second of the three siblings with a Filipino mother. Her mother moved back in the Philippines along with her children after being separated with Mr. Tawile.

In her earlier posts, Mendiola admitted to the world that she bad misses her father.


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