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Philippines Daily | January 18, 2018

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Jason Ivler Sentenced Guilty Of Murder

Jason Ivler Sentenced Guilty Of Murder

| On 24, Nov 2015

Jason Ivler, the son of popular writer Marlene Aguilar was found guilty for the murder of Victor Ebarle Jr., in a road rage six years ago.

Ivler, 33, was sentenced to reclusion perpetua and ordered to pay P9 million for lost earning capacity; P143,890 for burial expenses; P75,000 for moral damages and P30,000 for exemplary damages.

“The Court finds that the foregoing testimonies of witnesses SPO3 Tiodin and Castillo should be given full credence absent any taint of ill-motive on their part to fabricate stories or implicate the accused to a serious crime of murder,” the court said.

“The murder weapon, the Kimber Pistol, having been found in the premises where the accused was arrested would raised a serious doubt as to any possible defense of the accused, if any,” the court added.

Freddie Aguilar, the uncle of Ivler, said he is respecting the court decision. However, the said his nephew will definitely bring the case to the court of appeals.

The Ebarle family found relief with the court decision. Romero Ebarle, the uncle said the decision is expected because of the overwhelming evidences against the suspect. Victor Ebarle, the father, said the justice has been served.

Witnesses Pointed Ivler

Archie Castillo, a model, surfaced and pinpointed Ivler. He said, in November 18, 2009, in Barangay Valecia QC, he saw a van, driver by the suspect cut the Toyota Land Cruiser driven by Ebarle Jr.

He added that the van with distinctive plate number suddenly went in front of the victim’s vehicle and fired several shots. The suspect immediately left the scene.

Richard Anthony Fadullon, the prosecution team leader, has offered 58 pieces of evidences against Ivler.

Marlene Reacted

Marlene said their family’s lawyers won’t stopping in defending Ivler.  She added that the justice will always prevail.

Regarding Jason Ivler’s conviction today, please hear me well.The lawyers will appeal it. Son of Freddie Webb went to…

Posted by Marlene Aguilar on Monday, November 23, 2015


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