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Philippines Daily | February 24, 2018

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Janica Nam Floresca Speaks Up On Death Of Boyfriend Franco Hernandez

Janica Nam Floresca Speaks Up On Death Of Boyfriend Franco Hernandez

| On 04, Dec 2017

Nearly a month since Hashtag Franco Hernandez passed away, his girlfriend Janica Nam Floreca came out to tell her side of the story.

In an exclusive interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Janica’s story differs from what Tom Doromal and the boatmen said. She was with Franco’s parents, Raul and Marissa Lumanlan during the interview.

Unlike what was claimed, Janica said there were no life vests offered when they all decided to go to an island instead of a waterfall because it rained. The group of five, along with the two boatmen safely arrived at the White Sand Island.

When they were about to go back to the resort, which is owned by Tom’s family, the boatmen suggested of splitting the group. However, Tom talked to the boatmen and decided to go one time.

Then, huge waves hit their boat. That’s when the time, they were asked to jump.

Janica said she was left in the boat but Franco asked her to jump before the boat sank. She held on one of the boatmen while Franco held on her but they were separated by a huge wave.

“Yung isang kasama namin na guy, si Cleo, nauna na. Tapos yung dalawang bangkero, nauna na din. Parang iniwan na talaga kami,” said Janica.

Janica said they were left for about 30 minutes trying to keep themselves afloat. She said, that time, she already accepted their fate. She was boosted when Franco yelled at her and saw him floating. She replied with “Love, laban lang.”

One of the boatmen returned to rescue them but opted to get her first. Franco held her but noted that he can’t breathe. That time, she was also weak and already throwing up saltwater. He was unconscious when they reached the shore.

On her Facebook page, Janica posted a comment of Franco’s mother, Marissa, noting that Franco was not brought to the hospital but in Tom’s house because there’s a nurse there. Marissa also noted that Franco died inside Tom’s house. Janica insisted to bring him to the hospital in hopes that he will still be revived.

“We are waiting for part 2 of this interview,” Marissa wrote.

Posted by Janica Nam Floresca on Saturday, December 2, 2017


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