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Philippines Daily | January 23, 2018

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James Reid's Ex-Girlfriend Clears Nadine Lustre in Breakup

James Reid’s Ex-Girlfriend Clears Nadine Lustre in Breakup

| On 31, Oct 2014

The ex-girlfriend of actor James Reid cleared the onscreen partner of her ex-boyfriend, Nadine Lustre, as the cause of their breakup.

Ericka Villongco, said in an interview with Ricky Lo, there is no third party involved in their break up. So, the rumors speculating that Lustre caused the end of their relationship is not true. She however described what happened as “bad breakup.”

“No, there was no third party,” said Villongco. “James was loyal, he was very faithful, very loving.”

Ericka even noted that she and Lustre were still friends. They even talked when she found out that she and James broke up with promises of staying by her side.

“Nadine is very lovely, down-to-earth,” said Ericka. “After I broke up with James, we even talked. She told me ‘I’m here for you.’ I am happy for her tea-up with James.”

Villongco said she and Reid started out as friends and their relationship lasted three years until March of 2014 and during those times, James was being introduced via the movie “Diary ng Pangit” by Viva Films.

“We started out as friend,” Villongco recalled. “He was very honest. He has unique style of courting, direct to the point, very honest.”

Villongco did not say that they’ve become friends after their relationship. However, Reid, in a statement released via late night talk show “Aquino & Abunda Tonight”, hinted that they have yet to communicate and continue lives as friend.


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