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Philippines Daily | January 23, 2018

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PNP Warns People of "Ipit Taxi Gang"

PNP Warns People of “Ipit Taxi Gang”

| On 26, Aug 2014

The Philippine National Police (PNP) arrested a taxi driver who might be a member of the robbery group “Ipit Taxi,” who victimizes taxi riders in Metro Manila.

John Matthew Fernandez was arrested by the Rockwell, Makati security personnel for a simple traffic violation. However, since an employee of the company reported an incident involving the same taxi, he was hold for a while. The group then checked on his taxi finding out some belongings that he doesn’t own.

“Nahuli ito (Fernandez) ng Saturday. Sa simpleng violation ng pag U-turn sa hindi dapat,” said. S/Supt. Manuel Lukban Jr. “Nakakita sa kanya ng cellphone, na kung saan nakasulat sa iPhone na ‘that this cellphone is a stolen phone.'”

The Security group immediately coordinated with the PNP.

Despite Fernandez insisted that he never stole the smartphone and only found it, the PNP traced it finding out that it was owned by a woman who was victimized by the group “Ipit Taxi Gang” on August 23.

The modus of this group involves picking a random person in a random place. The driver will then stop in a certain area, unlocking the doors and will let two men ride the taxi from both doors sandwiching the poor victim to successfully rob him. One victim was picked in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth and was asked to withdraw money from his ATM.

Just this August, four people reported this kind of modus and pointed a single name of taxi, which is “Dean Taxi.”

In a report by ABS-CBN News, it was found out that the painted plate number on the doors of this cab from the inside were already removed, a sign that it is the one used by the culprits of this “Ipit Taxi” Modus.

Fernandez broke down into tears saying that he only relieved with the taxi as the one he use to drive is being fixed. He added that he never took advantage on someone and is willing to face the victim.

The PNP is still doing some investigation about the matter.

The PNP is now in search of the two more members of the gang. CCTV footage of the men riding the “Dean Taxi” in Katipunan Avenue minutes before a lady reported a robbery using the modus. The PNP also advised the passengers to look first if the taxi is in child lock mode and if so, you can report it to the authorities.


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