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Philippines Daily | January 22, 2018

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Indonesian Goalie Dies After Colliding With A Team-Mate

Indonesian Goalie Dies After Colliding With A Team-Mate

| On 17, Oct 2017

The Indonesian football community is in mourn after a team’s goalie died after he collided with a team-mate.

Choirul Huda, a long-time regular of his hometown Club Persela in East Java, collapsed just before the half-time on Sunday’s game after an accidental collision with Brazilian midfielder Ramon Rodriguez.

A clip showed Huda, a father of two, rubbing his chest and obviously in pain. After, he fell, which prompted the officials to rush with a stretcher. He was brought to the hospital.

Doctors said he stopped breathing and suffered a heart attack.

“He received an emergency treatment for a few minutes in the hospital but he could not be saved. He died before 5:00 pm yesterday,” Persela’s assistant coach Yuhronur Efendi told AFP.

The doctors tried to revive Huda for about an hour but failed.

“Choirul Huda suffered from traumatic collision with a team-mate which caused him to stop breathing and have cardiac arrest,” Yudistiro Andri Nugroho, a doctor from Lamongan hospital, said in a statement.

Huda dived at the feet of a rushing player and was caught by the legs of Rodrigues. He might have suffered neck and head trauma from the impact to his chest and lower jaw.

Huda is a football player since 1999.


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