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Philippines Daily | February 22, 2018

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How Much Is The Cost Of Marlou’s Total Makeover?

How Much Is The Cost Of Marlou’s Total Makeover?

| On 03, Oct 2017

Marlou Arizala bid goodbye to his name… He gave birth to Xander Ford as a revenge to people who bashed him.

Xander, 20, underwent eight medical procedures (or more) to level himself to the standards of handsomeness that were set by the human world. Though the reactions were mixed, many agreed to one thing… He is now handsome.

From sidekick, who is being ridiculed because of his looks, Xander is now a boy toy material, who has the leading man potential.

We all know that beauty enhancement procedure is costly. The Philippine Entertainment Portal did some phone calls in order to provide us with the exact amount.

  • PHP95,000 for Rhinoplasty, which enhanced the projection of his nose, and Alarplasty, which reshaped the width of his nostrils
  • PHP60,000 to PHP70,000 for Mentoplasty, aka chin augmentation
  • PHP60,000 for mandibular angle augmentation with fillers

Figures came from Icon Clinic, the sponsor of Xander.

  • PHP16,000 to PHP35,000 for his 4D Eyebrow cloning, a thickening procedure
  • PHP15,000 to PHP35,000 for the permanent lip tint procedure (three sessions)
  • PHP7,000 for his anti-wrinkle procedure
  • PHP500 to PHP3,800 for his semi-permanent eyelash extensions

Figures came from Pretty Looks, Xander’s sponsor

  • PHP160,000 for eight teeth (PHP20,000 per tooth)

The total cost of Xander’s makeover is P465,800.

Xander Ford cost

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