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Philippines Daily | February 20, 2018

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House Set Commission On Human Rights Budget Down To P1000 For The Year 2018

House Set Commission On Human Rights Budget Down To P1000 For The Year 2018

| On 13, Sep 2017

The House of Representatives voted to give the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) P1,000 budget for the year 2018.

At least 119 lawmakers signed to give the CHR P1,000 budget on Tuesday. Only 32 of them voted against it.

Only 32 lawmakers voted against it.

During the plenary debate, 1-Sagip Rep. Rodante Marcoleta moved for the P1,000 due to what he said the failure of the CHR to investigate the violation of human rights of the terrorists.

He also called the CHR as a valid agency because it was only created by President Corazon Aquino in 1987 during the revolutionary government when there was no Congress.

Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, who voted against the budget, disagreed to Marcoleta. He said Aquino was using both executive and legislative powers since the 8th Congress was not yet convened that time.

He also said CHR has no jurisdiction to the crimes committed by the terrorists because it is created to investigate the violation committed by the state and its agents. He also noted that giving the agency a P1,000 budget for one year is unconstitutional.

“Emasculating and killing the CHR with an annual budget of only P1,000 is unconstitutional because it virtually abolishes a constitutional body or office by legislation,” said Lagman.

Cebu Rep. Raul Del Mar said even if the agency is not working well, leaving it with deficient budget won’t solve the problem.

“Does it occur to you that many victims of human rights [violation] could also be innocent, even our neighbors, friends, and family,” Del Mar said. “Even assuming the CHR was deficient in its work, the remedy is not to terminate or immobilize the constitutionally-mandated agency.”


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