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Philippines Daily | February 24, 2018

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House Draft Report: Children Got Sick After Dengvaxia Injection

House Draft Report: Children Got Sick After Dengvaxia Injection

| On 06, Dec 2017

A draft report by the House Committee on Health claimed that 997 children got sick after receiving Dengvaxia shot.

The committee cited the report by the Department of Health (DOH) wherein the incident, which occurred between March 19 to August 30, showed that 997 children got sick after getting their first shot of Dengvaxia.

It is also noted that 30 of them were sent to the hospital.

Committee head Rep. Angelina Tan said Dengvaxia can be directly responsible for the incident.

“It means that the 997 children got sick after being inoculated with their first dose of Dengvaxia,” said Tan. “Their sickness ranged from as simple as fever, nausea, vomiting and body pain, to serious illness that required hospital confinement. The DOH did not have other details, highlighting its lack of proper monitoring and reporting protocols before undertaking the program.”

A shocking revelation showed that at least four children died of complications. Two of them are from Bataan identified asĀ 10-year-olds Christine de Guzman and Paul Ramirez.

Details on de Guzman’s death was included in the report.

“On Oct. 11, 2016, De Guzman complained of headache and fever and would be absent from class. The following day, her fever continued. She was admitted in hospital and was diagnosed with dengue,” the report said.

“On Oct. 14, she experienced difficulty in breathing and stomach ache. It was later found out that she suffered internal bleeding and blood was already coming out of her mouth. In the morning of Oct. 15, she passed away,” the report added.

Ramirez died in March 31, 2016. He was vaccinated in April 10, 2016.


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