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Philippines Daily | February 23, 2018

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Guy Professes Love With His True Blooded Sister

Guy Professes Love With His True Blooded Sister

| On 27, Oct 2017

We become true to ourselves inside our houses. That is the only place where we can walk, wearing only our underwears, without getting shy.

For those who have siblings, they are the people who witness everything and they used to embarrass us with the people we fell in love with.

What if you fell in love with your sister? Well, it may be taboo to some – in some territories, it’s actually illegal.

Calvin Nuñez revealed that he is in love.

Calvin started a post where he asked about the opinion of people if it’s possible for someone to fall in love with someone related by blood.

He then asked who in the heck will never fall in love with a girl who is beautiful, caring, though stubborn. He also noted that she is her defender who would love to pick a fight with the person who will maltreat him.

He then recalled the time that they had a misunderstanding that made him sad. She blocked him in her messenger and won’t talk to him. Despite the efforts to pursue her, he failed. But, one time, she just burrowed his cellphone so she can take selfies. That filled him with joy.

Calvin promised that he will take care and treasure that girl. Then, he revealed that the girl is his sister.


A quick search on the girl’s Facebook page showed that she is defending her brother. She said they are not doing something wrong because they are not in a relationship and she has a boyfriend.

Update: Calvin made another post noting that what people think is wrong. There was never an incest.

Diba malakas tayo ? Diba hindi tayo basta basta susuko? Problema lang yan at hayaan nating ang problema ang mamroblema…

Posted by Calvin Nuñez on Friday, October 27, 2017


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