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Philippines Daily | January 18, 2018

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Granda Graduates In College... With Her Granddaughter

Granda Graduates In College… With Her Granddaughter

| On 18, Dec 2017

The Berry Family from Chicago is in double celebration after two of their family members achieved a milestone.

Belinda and Karea Berry graduated from college, both from Chicago State University… The most awesome part is that they were born 37 years apart.

Yup! Belinda and Karea are grandmother and granddaughter.

Belinda, 62, took Business Administration while Karea, 25, took a degree in Criminal Justice.

“It’s an honor actually to graduate with her,” said Karea. She added that she was quite proud of her grandma.

Karea said she and her grandma decided to go back to school together. They are both happy that they both achieved their goals.

“It was never planned, we both enrolled in school and we didn’t know we were going to finish together because I was full-time and she was part-time, and it just worked out that way,” said Karea.

Belinda, despite her age, also graduated magna cum laude with a 3.8 GPA.


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