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Philippines Daily | February 24, 2018

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Girl, 3, Dies Of Too Much Caffeine In Body

Girl, 3, Dies Of Too Much Caffeine In Body
A three-year-old kid dies of cardiac arrhythmia that might be caused by caffeine. Google Maps

| On 26, May 2015

Doctors are warning the parents that caffeine intake can cause sickness or worse, death to childre, specially those of very young age.

This was after, Jesryl Barrido, a three-year-old girl in Bacolod City died of cardiac arrhythmia possibly caused by too much caffeine intake.

Cardiac arrhythmia is a condition where the patient experience an irregular heartbeat. Many of the patients showed no symptoms.

Jennifer Rose Barrido, the mother of the child, said her baby didn’t show any signs of sickness. She however noted that her baby use to sip from her and her husband’s cup of coffee.

“We don’t let her  drink coffee but there are times when she sips from our cups we are not looking,” said the mother. “It was last late December when her hands started shaking.”

Dr. Grace Tan of the Bacolod City Health Office said she can’t single out caffeine as the primary cause of the kid’s cardiac arrhythmia, because the parents refused to the body autopsied.

But, the experts indicated caffeine toxicity as the possible cause based on the statement of the parents.

She also warned the parents not to allow children from taking coffee because their bodies may not be able to tolerate the caffeine that cause accidents like this.


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