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Philippines Daily | February 24, 2018

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ER Doctor Of PGH Accused Of Neglecting A Patient

ER Doctor Of PGH Accused Of Neglecting A Patient

| On 31, Aug 2015

Netizen Lizeth Mark Antonio claimed that they are neglected and snubbed inside the Emergency Room (ER) of Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

Antonio posted several pictures of a woman she claimed a doctor and ignored her sister. She also noted that the doctor was not approachable.

At about 12 in the morning her sister was rushed to PGH because of wrong medicine. She got her signs and blood pressure taken and was asked to wait until her name is called.

However, 30 minutes passed her sister wasn’t called. So, Lizeth followed up. Much to her expectation, the doctor noted of a memo of “no admission” during Sunday. She even said that they can just transfer to East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC).

Lizeth asked for the name of the doctor, but she was declined for privacy reasons. The doctor eventually became grouchy and said to them that they can just transfer. The conversation turned heated prompting for the security personnel to intervene. She was asked to just go outside.

In the end, they transferred to another hospital.

Lizeth said she posted it in order for justice to be served. She added that people don’t want to complaint because the security guards will just shoo them away.


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