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Philippines Daily | January 23, 2018

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Employment Is Harder For Good-Looking Men

Employment Is Harder For Good-Looking Men

| On 28, Apr 2015

It’s a fact that good looks will sometimes make you ahead of others. It’s sad, but we have to deal with it.

In a more conflicting result of a study, it turned out that good looks for men, in looking for job, is sometimes a disadvantage.

The new study from the University of Maryland along with University College London showed that good looking men may found hard times clinching a slot in highly-competitive fields.

The research explained that employers view attractive men as more competent that their not-so-attractive counterparts and as a result, gifted men tend to have better work outcomes – job offers, promotions and salaries.

So, if the hiring agent is a little insecure, turning down these perfect specimen will become the subconscious result.

The study invited people to to choose between two photos – one attractive and one unattractive – to “hire”.

Though, good looking men fared well in team environment, “unattractive” people scored high in works with competitive environment, in which employees are measured and rewarded based on individual success.

“In situation where there are subtle or less subtle cues of competition among colleagues,” said Marko Pitesa, the author of the study and professor at Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

“Then the fact that attractive men are seen as more competent is going to create disadvantage for attractive men.”


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