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Philippines Daily | January 20, 2018

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Edward Barber Pulls Strength In Positive Outlook

Edward Barber Pulls Strength In Positive Outlook

| On 19, Dec 2017

Edward Barber, a PBB alumni and the half of the love team MayWard shared his secrets in staying positive.

In a Chalk Magazine interview, that was also published by ABS-CBN News, Edward, only a teenager, now knows how to stay positive by relying on people who can help him with his craft.

“For example, one million people say ‘Edward, you’re the worst actor ever, but one director says I’m getting better, bahala na ‘yung one million,” said Barber.

Likewise, he said, if millions of people are saying that he is a good actor but one director told him that he needed to improve, the person who knows the craft well will matter to him.

Edward also shared that the worst thing that can happen to anyone is having the people you love being dragged because of you.

“That’s probably the hardest thing to read because you know your family didn’t do anything wrong and they’re getting that treatment because of you,” Barber said.

Edward also thought that haters are insecure people who have yet to find their strength.


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