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Philippines Daily | February 25, 2018

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Duterte Orders Arrest Of Rebel ‘Legal Front’

Duterte Orders Arrest Of Rebel ‘Legal Front’

| On 24, Nov 2017

Days after he bars his plans to declare the New People’s Army (NPA) as a terrorist group, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the arrest of the leftist group who will be found having links with the NPA.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque confirmed this. However, he said only those members who are engaged in terrorist acts.

“The President as public prosecutor has said that conspiracy is sufficient basis to accuse them of both rebellion and acts of terrorism; because in a conspiracy the act of one is the act of all. Even if they did not physically take up arms, if they’re part of a conspiracy to commit acts of terror or rebellion, then they can be held liable under the theory of conspiracy,” said Roque.

Roque assured the people that there is no public purge.

“Only what the President described as the legal front of the NPA (New People’s Army) –CPP-NPA–the legal front, and we leave it at that because those were the words used by the President. He will be advised by security forces on which of these legal fronts should be charged with conspiracy,” Roque added.

Roque noted that Duterte is already frustrated with the NPA since his team is continuing to pursue peace talks yet the NPA continues to attack.


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