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Philippines Daily | January 18, 2018

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DOT Wants Cheaper Resort Fees For Pinoys

DOT Wants Cheaper Resort Fees For Pinoys

| On 14, Feb 2017

Let’s admit the fact that there are some tourist attractions in the Philippines that charge a large sum for tourists.

For foreigners, the prices are still cheap. However, for Filipinos is quite expensive and they can’t afford. Sadly, many Pinoys opted to just spend their money abroad.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) looked on this and now pushing for cheaper travel expenses. The officials are now in talks with travel agencies, accommodation establishments and airlines to lower their rates for Filipinos.

Netizens agreed to the DOT. One said Filipinos are already suffering from high tax deductions and added fees even to the simplest needs such as sardines. So, it’s much better if the fees for locals are lowered.

Another one noted that compared to the neighboring countries, the Philippines has higher travel rates. This resulted in people choosing other countries, such as Thailand and Indonesia than the Philippines.

One netizen claimed that he was shocked because just a visit to one Palawan island will cost a family P15,000. Though the place was amazing, it is still overpriced.


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