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Philippines Daily | January 20, 2018

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Denden Lazada Caught On Cam Showing Attitude To A Fan

Denden Lazada Caught On Cam Showing Attitude To A Fan

| On 04, Nov 2017

A video featuring bankable libero Denise “Denden” Lazada stirred the netizens.

The video, which was uploaded by a certain Marya Ge-Ann Matsunaga, showed Lazara walking towards a fan for a photo. She smiled, without showing her teeth. The fan then tried to put his hand on his shoulder but she twitched, a gesture, which obviously indicated that she doesn’t want it.

The fan apologized immediately.

After the picture, Denden frowned and exited. However, she was walking the wrong way. She returned. Well, let’s admit it, still frowning.

Many were angered by the gesture of Lazaro. One saidΒ she indeed has an attitude problem. Another one pointed out that if Lazaro didn’t want any body contacts or a picture, she can just excuse herself because she is a public figure.

However, many came to the defense of Lazaro.

One netizen noted that, at one point, Lazaro bypassed the security so she can have a picture with the fans. The netizen said she noticed that if the fan is a girl, the volleyball player will even hug her. But, it’s the other way around for male fans.

Another one noted that it’s obvious that there’s something wrong. But, Denden still agreed with the photo op.


D for Denden Lazaro

Posted by Marya Ge-Ann Matsunaga on Friday, November 3, 2017

Michele Gumabao, the girl who came from the school that is a rival of Denden’s, also reacted. She said she was saddened by the comments to her teammate in Cocolife noting that the latter smiled to 200 people before the incident happened.


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