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Philippines Daily | February 22, 2018

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Cristine Reyes Breaks Silence In Issue With Vivian Velez

Cristine Reyes Breaks Silence In Issue With Vivian Velez

| On 09, Mar 2016

Cristine Reyes has spoken in the issue where she was accused of being disrespectful to Vivia Velez.

Velez, a multi-awarded actress, announced her resignation from the show “Tubig at Langis” claiming that Reyes disrespected her.

“With much trepidation, I would like to tender my immediate irrevocable resignation, effective immediately, from the show, “Tubig at Langis”. I have never been so upset and humiliated by an actress in my entire career spanning four decades,” said Velez via her Facebook account.

The post went viral. Netizens then started to react with most are angry at Reyes.

In a lengthy post sent to Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Reyes said the issue started after she was transferred to another dressing room after her previous was infested with mosquito. Later, she was asked to share the room with Velez. She agreed.

After coming from a tiring taping of a movie, Reyes returned to her dressing room to sleep. However, she found hard times because Velez was fixing her things and arguing with her personal assistant.

Reyes just went to the bathroom but went out immediately after seeing the toilet unflushed and asked her makeup artists if he was the last who used the bathroom. She then went out to the artists’ area to get some air. That’s the time when she found out that Velez’ character will be killed.

When Velez was transferred to another dressing room, Reyes was surprised that she was being blamed for the transfer. Later, she asked if she can have a dialogue with the veteran actress. However, it was noted that she’s still angry.

Stressed because of her incoming scene with Velez, Reyes sang “Goodbye” by Avril lavigne. After, while walking back to her dressing room, she continued singing. That point was when Velez and her makeup artist charged at her and asked if she was referring to her. She reasoned that she was just singing.

Her co-star Zanjoe Marudo, broke off and pulled her to ease the tension.

I just want to put things in perspective. I have always put our senior stars in high regard and do my best to treat them…

Posted by Cristine Reyes on Tuesday, March 8, 2016


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