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Philippines Daily | January 23, 2018

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Child Rapist Raped, Treated by Doctors; Gang Raped in Prison

Child Rapist Raped, Treated by Doctors; Gang Raped in Prison

| On 17, Oct 2014

The child rapist who was arrested after he sexually abused his one-year-old stepson received a hard blow, coming from his co-prisoners, on his physical and mental body.

Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier was arrested after he was found to have sexually abused his step son leading to seizure and later death. During his initial 30-day incarceration, the jujitsu instructor was brutally raped and injured, apparently by 20 men.

He was saved by jail guards and given with some medical attention. Later he undergo stitches to close his wounds and laceration of his anal area.

The officials of the jail facility opted to bring him back inside where he received another round of physically, mentally and morally abuse by the angry prisoners. His stitches were removed and again raped by 20 men inside the detention facility.

In September 2013, Xavier’s girlfriend left her son alone with him. A few hours later, Xavier called him claiming that the boy fell and had a seizure. The child was then rushed to the hospital, but died two days later.

However, doctors who examined the child was not convinced as the claims of Xavier was not consistent with the medical probabilities leading to more examination. They then found fissure on the boy’s anus that leads to investigator looking for a foul play. It was later concluded that he sexually abused the little guy after the mother said he never suffered from constipation.

Xavier have vehemently denied that he raped the young boy.

Larger percentage of the netizen found the acts of the prisoners as too much saying that rape is not an answer to someone who committed rape.



  1. will

    I can say you something

    More of 60% of worl population is happy when a guy like that, suffer like that.

    • Wanker

      Yep! I hope he gets another round too!

      • Patrick Mollet

        Agree but I hope for us is not innocent…

        • Parky

          That is the problem when this kind of vigilante “justice” if he’s guilty he deserves it but if the guy is innocent it doesn’t bear thinking about.

          The article speaks like he was convicted and found guilty. He was not. He was on remand whilst they built a proper case against him to be tried in a court of law, not tried by gang rapists.

    • Najeeb

      I would like to see the survey you conducted. If you didn’t, then stop making up BS numbers.

  2. Drac

    This is why Philippines have the president that allows killings outright.

    Lawlessness isn’t justice, you just have 20 now harden rapist that believe themselves sanctioned by the government n public to rape.

    If they ever escape…they’ll probably rape n pillage a entire family from father to son wife n daughter..

  3. Delia Silvano

    How is it possible that this guy was gang raped by 40 men and can still stand up?? why isnt he dead after such incident

  4. Bib

    Exactly who wants tk rape a 1 year old boy no one, i think this is wrong, completely wrong, i think he is innocent, no one sn br aroused by a 1 year old boy jesus christ i dont believe it i think he is innocent. Someone doesnt like xavier thsts all

    • Paul

      You would be surprised by the sick twisted people that live on this earth. Serial killers, rapists, child abusers, child molesters, child rapists, all manner of sickos! There could be one living right next door and you wouldn’t even know till they got caught!!!!

    • Evette

      You’re joking right?. You think he’s innocent?!. You must not watch the news bkuz he isn’t nor will he be the last “child raping killer” out there.

  5. rubicon

    I wonder how the other prisoners actually got a boner enough to commit rape. I mean, you need to be turned on in order to get a boner, right? Just imagine the hair ass spread open wide, bleeding and all .. how can anyone get turned on by that??

  6. Maybe prisoners should be castrated without anastesia for being fags haha

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