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Philippines Daily | January 19, 2018

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Cesar Is Just Concern To His Son, Diego

Cesar Is Just Concern To His Son, Diego

| On 11, Feb 2017

Diego Loyzaga slashed out his father, Cesar Montano, for lots of things.

Diego said his father kicked him out of the house that he gave him, as well as accusing him of being a drug addict.

2/3 test na pinagawa mo sakin. Ano pa ngaon @cesar_montano adik pa ako? GUSTO MO NG ISA PA PARA KUNTENTO KA NA?!

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Writer Dolly Anne Carvajal, who claimed the “best friend” of Montano, defended him saying he’s just concern with his son.

Firstly, Carvajal said the house, who Diego claimed where he was kicked out was the former house of Cesar when he was still with Sunshine Dizon. It was then converted into Bellisimo Restaurant.

Carvajal also took note that Cesar also granted some of Diego’s wishes such as having a car and entering Showbiz despite he wanted him to finish his studies first.

“I remember when Buboy granted Diego’s request to buy him a car. If Buboy had his way, Diego would have finished his studies before joining show biz. But he gave in to his son’s plea to become an actor just like him,” said Carvajal noting that her friend also defended his son when he was caught in a brawl.

Cesar’s Note

Carvajal said after the controversy broke, Montano called her and talked a lot. However, she can’t divulge all the things they talked about.

Cesar only said he never slashed out his father despite he wasn’t able to give him a quality life.

“Even if my late dad never pampered me and didn’t buy me material gifts because we were poor, I am still thankful to him,” said Buboy.

“I never lambasted him for the tough life we had. Our struggles made me learn the value of hardwork,” Cesar also noted to Carvajal.

Cesar also said Diego didn’t get him and where he was coming from when he reprimanded. He also noted that his son will understand him when he became a father.


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