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Philippines Daily | January 24, 2018

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CEO, 30, To Reward Anyone With $10,000 Who Can Find Him A Date

CEO, 30, To Reward Anyone With $10,000 Who Can Find Him A Date

| On 14, Nov 2017

A man from Southern California, who is working as a CEO, is looking for the woman who can be his girlfriend.

In order to make things faster, he is offering $10,000 as a reward for anyone who can find her.

Joe Cohen, the owner of the website Selfhacked, announced that he will provide monetary reward for anyone who can set him up on a date. He will also give $2,000 by only introducing him to a woman.

“Joe is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who finds him a girlfriend that he ends up dating for at least 4 months. He is also offering $2,000 if you introduce him to someone else who introduces him to a woman. So if you share this post, and your friend ends up setting him up with someone she knows, that friend will get $10,000 and you will get the $2,000. This is a multi-level marketing scheme at its finest,” an advert in the website said.

Joe explained that he is looking for a long-term girlfriend using an unconventional way after getting fed up using the traditional ways of looking for a date. Now, he is using his website so he can reach a wider range of people since he is getting tons of traffic every day.

“I approached women on the street. I tried out bars and venues, activities, meetups and other events. No luck,” said Cohen.

Cohen is willing to pay for her plane ticket and support her until she can find a job. She will also become his travel buddy and even to the point of marrying her.


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