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Philippines Daily | February 23, 2018

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Carnappers Victimizes Uber Driver, Throws Him Off Cliff

Carnappers Victimizes Uber Driver, Throws Him Off Cliff

| On 29, Sep 2017

The travel industry was put on another level by the TNVS or Grab and Uber. However, they also serve as another way of thieves to enter.

According to an exclusive report by Jamie Santos of GMA News, a TNVS driver was held up by thieves posing as passengers. His car was also carnapped and worst, he was thrown off a cliff.

“Angelo” was booked by a passenger from Santolan, Pasig City past 12 a.m. When he got to the meetup point, three men entered his vehicle and asked him to bring them to Antipolo.

However, before they reach Masinag, one of the passengers declared a carnap. Someone then hit him and asked him to transfer to the backseat where they tied and blindfolded him.

“Sinakal na ako sabay tutok ng kutsilyo tapos pinalipat ako sa likod then ayun, pina-ano ako sa floor, dapa,” said Angelo.

One of the suspects called someone noting that they will fetch the person. The AUV then stopped where they asked him to go down and jump. However, he can’t since he was tied. They threw him off the cliff.

“Hinagis ako palabas. Bagsak ako. Tapos pinatatayo ako then sabi, ‘O, tayo ka na. Talon ka na diyan.’ Sabi ko ayoko. Bangin. Hinagis ako. Nahulog ako, siguro mga 10 feet,” said Angelo.

Since his hands were not tied tightly, he was able to free himself. He then crawled up and walked until he reached the nearest barangay hall.

The local officials brought him to the Tanay Police Station. After talking to the policemen, he was also redirected to the Pasig City Police.

Angelo said the trauma brought to him by the incident will prevent him from driving again.


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