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Philippines Daily | February 18, 2018

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Carnapper With A Toy Gun Arrested

Carnapper With A Toy Gun Arrested

| On 07, Feb 2018

A man was arrested in Makati City after he used a toy gun in order scare and take the motorcycle of his victim.

The Makati Police identified Romnick Madriaga a few days after the crime. The police were already hunting him because a CCTV footage of his actions was already in their possession.

The gun was also found. It turned out that it’s only a pellet gun.┬áThe motorcycle was later retrieved. However, some of its parts were already missing.

Two sachets of suspected shabu were also found in possession of Madriaga.

He is now facing charges like robbery-holdup and possession of illegal drugs.

The officials of Makati PNP said it’s not the first time that a criminal used a pellet gun. They are collaborating with the local officials of Makati City in order to control the sale and usage of pellet guns in the area.


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