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Philippines Daily | February 20, 2018

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Bye Paloma, Hello Cardo

Bye Paloma, Hello Cardo

| On 04, Feb 2016

The case of the kidnapping syndicate feasting on beautiful women is now closed.

Cardo, who disguised as Paloma, successfully saved Carmen (Bela Padilla), who was kidnapped by a syndicate led by Madam (Gina Pareno).

However Cardo almost lost his life.

During his battle to survive at the hospital, his family members like Onyok (Xymon Ezekiel Pineda) cried all night because he doesn’t want to lost his brother while Lola Kap also stayed all night praying because she doesn’t want to lose another grandson.

When Cardo regained his consciousness, he first saw his family.

Now that he’s back, Cardo is now excited to tell the story of Paloma — the cop who disguised as a beautiful girl in order to save a woman.

Carmen and Glen (Maja Salvador) are also waiting for his return.

The Paloma fever sent everybody abuzz. Several people adored how Martin transferred into a beautiful woman. Even female celebrities were dumbfounded with Paloma’s beauty.

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