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Philippines Daily | February 20, 2018

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Boy, 2, Poisoned, Raped And Killed By Uncle Who Is A Drug Addict

Boy, 2, Poisoned, Raped And Killed By Uncle Who Is A Drug Addict

| On 13, Sep 2017

A boy in Muntinlupa City was raped and stabbed to death by his own uncle.

Police responded to a call by a security guard noting of a suspicious package that was abandoned at the South Station Terminal. When they checked it, it was revealed that it contained the bloodied body of a boy.

While the investigation was ongoing, the police officials were approached by a man who introduced himself as Edgardo Mendoza, 24 and said he is the uncle of the child. The officials noticed that blood stains on his trouser that rose suspicion.

The police picked up Edgardo for questioning. He then confessed that he did the crime.

Edgardo said he let his nephew drank a milk with textile paint. When he passed out, he raped him before killing. He also revealed that he had to break the neck of the kid so he can fit inside the bag.

The relatives can’t believe that EdgaroĀ committed the crime. They, however, admitted that he is a former drug addict, prone to attacks of depression and in some cases suicidal tendencies. They also have suspicions on his sexual preferences.

The police said Edgardo, the boy, and his mother, as well as the grand parents are living under one roof, that’s why the suspect was able to bring the boy anytime and everywhere.


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