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Philippines Daily | January 19, 2018

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'Away Bata' Two Moms Get Physical In Del Monte QC

‘Away Bata’ Two Moms Get Physical In Del Monte QC

| On 13, Jan 2018

Two mothers were brought in the barangay station of Del Monte, Quezon City on Saturday after they got into a fight.

Elvira Paluay brought her child into the office of barangay chairman and filed a complaint against Nora Lagao after the former saw the latter slapping her child.

Lagao admitted that she indeed hurt the child. However, she only reacted after the child cussed her. She also took note that Paluay’s child was the first to hit her child.

The official who meddled between the two asked them if they can settle things that moment. However, Paluay is decided to pursue cases against Lagao because it was her child who has been offended. She will also seek a medical professional since her child sustained a head injury.

The barangay officials noted that children usually get into a fight. What’s unusual are adults putting their level on the children.


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