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Philippines Daily | January 21, 2018

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Australian Behind "Daisy's Destruction" Slapped With Multiple Charges

Australian Behind “Daisy’s Destruction” Slapped With Multiple Charges
Peter Gerard Scully (behind) being shown to the public. Inquirer photo.

| On 07, Mar 2015

An¬†Australian national, who was behind with the gruesome videos dubbed as the “Daisy’s Destruction” is now facing multiple charges.

The National Bureau of Investigation Anti-Human Trafficking Division (NBI-AHTRAD) filed a 16-page complaint against Peter Gerard Scully and his former partner, Liezyl Margallo, German Christian Rouche and Filipinos Alexander Lao and Althea Chia for murder, human trafficking, violation of cybercrime prevention act and child abuse.

According to reports, Scully and his group have sexually and physically abused eight Filipino children, aging from one to 13-years-old in Cagayan De Oro from April 2011 up to September 2014, which are apparently filmed and uploaded online.

“Apparently, [these videos] have been known to the international law enforcement community for quite some time. Inquiries… to foreign law enforcement officers revealed that the said [videos] contained serious sexual abuses and physical torture on children believed to be from the Philippines by an unidentified Asian-looking woman and her unidentified male Caucasian accomplice.

“In addition to the ‘Destruction of Daisy’ videos, there are also video clips of at least 5 or 6 innocent children being sexually abused,” the complaint reads.

The Interpol Human Trafficking division launched an investigation in October 2014, which was later also joined by the local counterparts.

The investigation of the local authorities were fast-tracked after it was revealed that Scully has a pending case before the Cagayan de Oro Regional Trial Court (RTC) Brach 37 for the sexual and physical abuse to two minor women.

The Australian Federal Police is also investigating the alleged streaming of Scully, because some of his clients were found out coming from the country.

The discovery of the videos were dubbed as the most shocking child pornography ever seen, which also features whipping, torture and other depraved sexual acts.



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