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Philippines Daily | January 19, 2018

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Alodia Gosienfiao Clears Name In Gab-Tricia Split

Alodia Gosienfiao Clears Name In Gab-Tricia Split

| On 16, Sep 2016

Cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao has broken her silence in the controversy connecting her to the break up of Gab Valenciano and Tricia Centenera.

In an interview with Ricky Lo, Gosiengfiao denied that she caused the break-up or there is something going on between her and Valenciano.

“There’s nothing between Gab and me,” said Gosiengfiao.

Lo then explained that the Gosiengfiao is a prominent family that is well-respected and very decent.

Gosiengfiao also noted that people thought that way because of the same commitments they had. She however their relationship is purely professional.

“Maybe people were linking me to Gab because we are always in the same events… Youtube, Smart and MTV… Kaya kung anu-ano na ang iniisip ng tao (that’s why they think of different things). He never courted me; he never showed any romantic interest in me. We never went out on a date. Our connection is limited to events that we perform in together,” Gosiengfiao added.

Gosiengfiao said she only met Tricia Centenera once and was even shocked when she heard about the breakup.

On Wednesday, Lauren Reid, another personality who is being tagged with the break-up also denied her involvement. She said she only met Gab twice and it’s because of his sister, Kiana.


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