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Philippines Daily | February 24, 2018

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ABS-CBN To Air Remake Of ‘Meteor Garden’

ABS-CBN To Air Remake Of ‘Meteor Garden’

| On 09, Nov 2017

The ABS-CBN announced that it earned the rights to air the newest version of the hit series “Meteor Garden.”

“ABS-CBN has earned the rights for the remake of ‘Meteor Garden’, the Taiwanese drama that took Asia by storm during the 2000s. It enjoyed huge popularity at home and across Asia, spawning remakes in Japan and South Korea. It was first aired in the Philippines on ABS-CBN in 2003,” ABS-CBN noted.

First aired in 2001, “Meteor Garden” is based on the manga entitled “Boys Over Flower.” It tells the story of a girl, who got accepted in a school for the rich. There, she met the powerful group called the F4 to whom she had a conflict with and was put under the “red card,” which will prompt the students to make her life miserable that will force her to quit schooling.

However, instead of quitting, she fought back. Later, she and the leader of the group, Dao Ming Si fell in love with each other.

The new F4 members are Taipei native Darren Cheng, 22, and Chinese actors Dylan Wang, 19, Connor Leong, 23, and Caesar Wu, 21. They were chosen because of their “likable personalities.”

The show will have a budget of NT$720 million (US$23.74 million), or NT$15 million per episode.


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